Wednesday, May 1, 2013

It's a Mother's May Day

My Mom and I had SO much fun training and competing for
my first ever 5K! You might want to add this to your list!
Just check out these Turkeys! 

It is a Months of Mother's Day! Why should we honor our Moms for just one day? We love her don't we?!? Well, Let's show her how much! 

For the ENTIRE month I want to give you a few ideas of how this can be done. We are going to have a wee bit of fun with it though. To make it simple we will use the "Alphabet Method". Using the letters of the Alphabet to inspire us, let's come up with Creative, Kind and Loving ideas to treat our mothers. 

Today, lets make a list of all the things she has ALWAYS wanted. Either things she wants or wants to do. How about things she never even thought she wanted or wanted to do.......

A - Always think of Mom and ALL the things she does for us! Make it a point to  tell her how wonderful she is! 

Make your list, Check back with me everyday to see what we can come up with, Share your ideas and comments about what you are doing to honor Mom this month. 

Have a Lou~Who kind of day! 

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