Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Heather~Lou Who.....Who?!?!

It is always fun to see what crafty people there are! Very often I find myself LOVING a blog and their creations and wonder "Who are these people"?!?! How do they do it?!?! 

I wanted to take the time for you to get to know me, my family and what Heather~Lou Who is all about. 

Heather~Lou Who The Crafter / Artist / Recycling Hoarder (lol!)
The Spiny Seahorse! I have to tell you that these designs are made by using a cutout and flash light. I hand draw each shape, cut it out and use the flash light to shine the shape onto the board. SO, when you see something a crafter / artist / designer creates I hope you take the time to actually appreciate the love put into each piece. Because I DO love each piece I create.  
Pallet Art is my therapy.

I believe this sums up a bit about my Lou~Who adventures. Recycled pallets, rock collections, flower pots, liquor bottles and love of the Sea! I try to see the beauty in everything.
Heather~Lou Who The Mother

My Lou~Who adventures all started when I found myself a stay at home Mother who wanted needed to contribute to the family finances. With two little ones, day care being SO expensive and one family car I knew I had one sure fire way to contribute that wouldn't be costly and could involve the little~whos...Crafting! We were already recycling and crafting. I combined the two into something hopefully all of you will see the beauty in as well.

Some days a Princess needs a crown!

The Little~Whos keep me busy!
I can tell they are bad
fun, right!?!?

You will often hear me say "Use everyday items to create something amazing". I mean it, from the bottom of my heart! I invite you to email me anytime with your story, ideas and suggestions at
That is my Lou~Who short story and I am sticking to it!