Thursday, July 25, 2013

Do You Know What I LOVE About Thursdays?

Mostly because it gives me another beautiful Florida day to create something fun and special!

Check out Chloe's Birthday Monogram Sign! 
Chloe is the dog of a very special young lady, she asked me to come up with something fun and personal for her Chloe's 3rd birthday party. 
It fit the bill PERFECTLY!

It makes me SO happy when I get to see the reaction of the recipient of something I have created. 

How cool is it when a sheet of paper can change something SO dramatically! All I did was add a sheet of black paper to the back of the piece and I LOVED the effect! By the way....Isn't that the most ADORABLE octopus you have ever seen?!?! 

Happy 3rd Birthday Chloe! 
Allie Sparkles, Thank you for sharing your pictures with us! 

Have a Lou~Who kind of day!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

We Welcome The Newest Members Of Our Family...

 Our adorable Sea Babies!

These wee ones are PERFECT for little hands, big hands or no hands at all! I love it when I hear the sea inspired stories my kiddos come up with when they play with their Sea Babies. Adventures of Pirates and Mermaids, Octopus who save the sea by cleaning it up with all their arms, little girls who ride seahorses, Shark boys protecting their friends from fishermen. 

We hosted a Magical Mermaids and Pirates of the Sea Party featured here. We have an old firepit that we cleaned, painted with outdoor paint and use for the kiddos to dig treasure out of. The Sea Babies love to play in the sand there and it keeps the stories going for hours! 

To add these precious Sea Babies to your family see Heatherslouwho Etsy Shop

Another favorite "Story Time" project we use at home is our Story Stones. We call them "Tales of Tails" 

See how creative the kiddos are?!?!

 The idea is that you have 10 stones in a bag. You pour them out and come up with a story using the image on each stone. Please do yourself a favor and record your kiddos coming up with some of the stories when they get used to the idea. I like to do this right after lunch and a hard day playing. Add an afternoon bath and story time then they will slumber for a good while so you can get in some quality "Me" time. I share the video with my hubby after the kiddos go to bed that night and we laugh forever! They come up with the funniest stories!

 You will be able to see the full line of "Tales of Tails" available at Heatherslouwho Etsy Shop . 

Have a Lou~Who kind of day! 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Use Everyday Items To Make AmAZinG Things!

When I say "My Mom is GAGA over these necklaces" I don't mean she likes them. I mean she CAN"T GET ENOUGH OF THEM! 

They are classy, fun, dress up or dress down necklaces. She has asked just about EVERY day for "just a few more". She has given them to the very special students at The Arc of St. Johns (A very Special School check them out here :), anyone with a birthday, she has to have them in ALL colors to wear with each outfit, changed the chains to dress up or down. She honestly CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF THEM! Makes me kind of proud! 

These darlings are available for sale on my BRAND NEW ETSY SHOP!!!! 
Check me out at Heatherslouwho Etsy

Can you guess what they are? Clothes pin centers! How adorable is that?!?! 

If you would like to see a tutorial you are going to have to ask!
So stinkin' cute and really easy to do! 

And another thing....They ADORE this girl! For Father's Day We took some Chalk we have laying around the house (I think EVERYONE with kids does) and drew love notes on our drive way, threw the kids down on the concrete and used my iphone to capture the fun (just kidding! they laid down willingly!). We framed it with a simple little frame we probably had laying around and it was his "Best gift I ever received in the whole world Father's Day gift". His EXACT words! 
Papa Ron is ONE LUCKY MAN!

I have to get better kids!

Seriously! Sometimes just getting there is the MOST fun! 

Just another example of how everyday items can be used for amazing things! 

I would love for you to share your AmAZinG everyday projects! 

Have a Lou~Who kind of day!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

I Would Hate For You To Think I Am All Talk....

Our friends over at The CSI Project host a weekly Challenge where they offer followers an opportunity to post their version of the weekly challenge for a chance to win bragging rights and a spot to share their creativity and blog sites. Check out my weekly obsession  inspiration HERE

WELL...This reminds Heather~Lou Who it is our mission to use, re-use and recycle everyday items. We are always trying to encourage people to do the same. Most of the items I have for sale or create are made from recycled - re purposed - upcycled materials. I often forget that not everyone can take an object and automatically see the end result especially when that object is not seen in it's best light!

Thanks to The CSI Project's Challenge this week, you  will get to see one of the projects I am VERY proud of :
Remember this Beauty?!?!

Can you believe this was a "Trash to Treasure" project! Big Daddy and I were riding down the road and saw "her" on the side of the road in the trash. We asked the homeowners if they were getting rid of it and they said they were hoping someone could use it. While I had forgotten to take a "Before" pic of the table I did get a shot of the "After the Before" .

It's not where we start but where we end up
that matters! Even now you can see the beautiful
details that spoke to me from the road!
So how do we get from trash heap to an elegant lady sitting in the living room of a loving home? LOTS OF WORK I TELL YA! Well at least a wee bit of elbow grease and some great spray paint! Because there were no chips, missing parts or huge dings a light sanding, new hardware and a coat of spray paint made all the difference in the world! I chose to use spray paint for this project because I wanted a nice smooth finish without the texture a brush or roller would give.

I would love to see what recycled-reused-upcycled projects you have been working on lately. Feel Free to post pics and share them with us!
Have a Lou~Who kind of weekend!



Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Are You In Need Of A Good Maid?

Mermaid that is.....
A Mermaid dreaming of the sea....
This custom piece measures 2'WX10"L and is painted in
a Sea Glass Blue
Shipping and Delivery both available ~ ask for details
352-478-1287 Who? Heather~Lou of course!