Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Banner of A Mother's Day

A Banner of A Mother's Day!

We are celebrating the letter "B"  

In our family our Grandmother is loved and adored by everyone. I am sure it is that way in your family as well. We call her Nannie. To honor her yesterday we created a Banner using a page for each and every daughter, granddaughter and great granddaughter in our family. As you will see, it turned out to be much larger than I had anticipated but was SO much fun to create and turned out BBBeautiful! 

I found these ADORABLE free printables on Pinterest here : They are "save the date" wedding cards that I altered. The dates you see on the cards are the person's birth date. I thought that added an extra personal touch. All of the little extras were just items from my crafting addiction....I mean't to say stash! Don't you just LOVE them ALL! The one with the little foxes that says "We smell the same" it SSSOOOO cute! 

"B" Creative! Have fun with it! But remember the most important thought is to Honor our Mothers today and always! 

Have a Lou~Who kinda day! 

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