Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring Has Sprung, Light Your World!

Need something to brighten your room? This lamp is for you! Made from a real up-cycled Ketel One Vodka bottle, the lamp is wired and ready to plug in. This lamp uses one bell light bulb. A toggle switch near the bulb turns the item on and off.
Fully assembled the lamp is 19" tall with the lovely red shade attached. The base is 3" wide and the shade is 8" wide. We have many Liquor Lamps available for you. All are authentic and recycled. Any minor dings on the labels are part of it's character and not considered damaged. Here is a thought: Have a special wine bottle you used for a special occasion? Allow me to make it a special addition to any table or Shelf!
This lamp and many others are available for $25.

 Check out this beauty! Classic white, dressed up or dressed down  it can match just about any room. This Bassett end table sells for a mere $50! Dimensions 22"Wx27"Lx23"H. Beveled glass top and bottom drawer. Perfect for all those little treasures you need close by but want to keep out of sight. Here is an idea : Need it a bit higher to use as a night stand? I have the perfect solution! The room is your oyster and this little beauty is the pearl! 
It is spring after all! How would you like to be greeted by this adorable living wall?!? Not to mention this little fairy! It makes me happy every day to see them both. Who knew $75 could make you SO happy!

For ordering or questions please give Heather~Lou a call or text at 352-478-1287 or by email at

Happy Spring!


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    1. Thank you so much Mel! We have a lot of fun with our crafting adventures!