Sunday, June 23, 2013

Our First Official Show

It is so hard to chose what to bring to show off. My new
Recycled liquor bottles into Tiki Torches, Pallet Art, Liquor
bottle lamps, bottle cap candles. story stones (more on that later)! 
Snap, Crackle, Pop signs are very popular not only for upcoming
4th of July but for ALL summer parties! Paddle Surf Mermaid
also made her appearance. These Beach bags are very versitle
and a steal at only $24 each. The yellow bags are my new
everyday favorites $5 REALLY! 
Who doesn't love a give away?!?! These bags were
filled with all kinds of goodies! The Tuxedo bags were from
an incredible local singer Lee Seaman it was paired
with the wedding dress bags from Mady Joe Photographer.
Cup of Cakes offered a cute bag with cupcake liners,
Frosted by Darla gave each party goer a certificate
for a free cake pop. We included an acrylic frame and
gave ideas of how to use it creatively. We also gave away these cute
shark shaped bottle openers. Origami Owl is peeking at you too!
Jaime's Bowtique, our gracious host threw in one of her
headbands...and much more! If you haven't been to one of
these shows you are certainly missing out! Below I have
included the sites to a few of the vendors. Make sure to check
them out and let them know I sent you. 
Wine Cork Love! Just two of our new additions. These are too
adorable! A very nice lady has asked for me to customize a cork
with the costume jewelry she has from her Mom (who passed away recently).
They weren't going to wear it but couldn't bear to give it away. They are
going to use the corks as gifts to family members for Christmas Ornaments.
This way, they will have something special from Mom at Christmas!
How touching! We would do that for you too! 
Check out the seahorse pallet shelf! It makes the perfect
addition to any room. It is SO beautiful with a flicker
of the candle and a starfish. Did you notice the mermaid?
She is a beaut!

 Check out my amazing friends here :

Frosted by Darla - CAKE POPS! Click Me! Click Me!
Cup of Cakes and More - CUPCAKE LOVE! Here I am!
Mady Joe Photography - A picture of you, Only better! Click! Click!
Origami Owl - The story of your life, written in jewelry Hooters!
Jaime's Bowtique - She is bowlicious! Bling on over!
Paddle Surf Mermaid - to feel the Salt Air in your hair Paddle away...

There are so many more, If I have missed you please leave a comment, accept my
apologies and post the link to your site.

More to come....Have a Lou~Who kind of week!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Don't We Deserve To Pamper Ourselves!

This Saturday June 22nd we have been invited to participate in a Ladies' Night Out event at an Open House for all our Crafty and Very Creative friends who own their businesses. If you would like to join us it will be located at 
5772 Brush Hollow Road Jacksonville, Florida in Bartram Springs 6:30pm to 9pm. As always, if you have any questions about the event or any of the items I am offering for sale please give me a call at (352) 478-1287. 
As a bit of a teaser you are able to get a first hand gander of just some of the wonderful items I will be offering for sale...
This little beauty is made with recycled wine corks, necklaces
bobbles and bling. Each one is lovingly made and NO two are
the same. For this event I will be offering them for sale for

Monday, June 10, 2013

Summer Time and The Livings Easy......

Snap, Crackle, Pop....BANG! 4th of July decor that is sure
to bring a ZIP to your festivities. $10 is just down right American!
Heather~Lou Who (352) 478-1287
Beauty, Brawn and the extinction of summertime pests!
This Beautiful Patron bottle boasts the ability to light your
night, shine beautifully during the day and scare away
the pests every time you use it! It is filled with translucent
blue and green pebbles that have a beautiful glow when the
sun shines through it. Believe me when I say you won't just
want one! We have several on our patio and get LOTS of
compliments on them. At just $25 each you'll want more!
Heather~Lou Who is just a dial tone away (352) 478-1287