Thursday, May 2, 2013

"A" Mother's Day

For The entire month of May we are honoring Mom. Each day I will share with you my ideas, thoughts and inspirations. Today someone reminded me of something very important...

A Mother is adorned with the badges of Motherhood
Best friend
 We are many things to many people and they are many parts of us! 

With this in mind all of the girls, daughters, sisters and Mothers in our family posted a special memory on the Facebook page of our "Big Mama" AKA Nannie. It was fun reading through all the funny memories everyone had with Nannie. She is such a lady and quite an example of what any GOOD Mother should be. 

Today we should show Mom that we will ALWAYS remember ALL the things she does for us. 

Tomorrow will "B" another exciting day! Just wait till you see what I have instore for Mom! 

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