Sunday, May 5, 2013

Can't You "C" Giving These To Your Mother!

Sweets For Our Sweet!

Today we are celebrating "C"

Unfortunately, there is a cupcake addiction in our family. From our lovely Grandmother aka Nannie, right down to the youngest and most beautiful great granddaughter. I am not sure why this is. EVERY one of the girls have it! Even our cousins! Must be genetics....OR maybe it's what makes us all SO sweet and beautiful! 

Any~who.... Take a gander at these WONDERFUL sweets Nannie has been "treat"ed to today. 

Cupcakes! Cookies! Cream Horns!
"C" How wonderful it can be! Your 
Mother will love you for it! 

Thankfully for me I have several girlfriends who are in the business. I think it has something to do with our cupcake addiction. These wonderful delights are from my friend Sheila of Desserts First here in Jacksonville, Florida. To see what all the hype is about click here! Caution! You will see something you LOVE!

Ha Ha! Guess the next post should really be of us doing another 5K, but it is SO worth it! 

Make sure your Mom knows how sweet AND how Loved she is! 
Don't be shy, show off YOUR sweet rewards! Tell us what ideas you have for your Mom for Mother's Day! 

Have a Lou~Who kinda day!

A Banner of A Mother's Day

A Banner of A Mother's Day!

We are celebrating the letter "B"  

In our family our Grandmother is loved and adored by everyone. I am sure it is that way in your family as well. We call her Nannie. To honor her yesterday we created a Banner using a page for each and every daughter, granddaughter and great granddaughter in our family. As you will see, it turned out to be much larger than I had anticipated but was SO much fun to create and turned out BBBeautiful! 

I found these ADORABLE free printables on Pinterest here : They are "save the date" wedding cards that I altered. The dates you see on the cards are the person's birth date. I thought that added an extra personal touch. All of the little extras were just items from my crafting addiction....I mean't to say stash! Don't you just LOVE them ALL! The one with the little foxes that says "We smell the same" it SSSOOOO cute! 

"B" Creative! Have fun with it! But remember the most important thought is to Honor our Mothers today and always! 

Have a Lou~Who kinda day! 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

"A" Mother's Day

For The entire month of May we are honoring Mom. Each day I will share with you my ideas, thoughts and inspirations. Today someone reminded me of something very important...

A Mother is adorned with the badges of Motherhood
Best friend
 We are many things to many people and they are many parts of us! 

With this in mind all of the girls, daughters, sisters and Mothers in our family posted a special memory on the Facebook page of our "Big Mama" AKA Nannie. It was fun reading through all the funny memories everyone had with Nannie. She is such a lady and quite an example of what any GOOD Mother should be. 

Today we should show Mom that we will ALWAYS remember ALL the things she does for us. 

Tomorrow will "B" another exciting day! Just wait till you see what I have instore for Mom! 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

It's a Mother's May Day

My Mom and I had SO much fun training and competing for
my first ever 5K! You might want to add this to your list!
Just check out these Turkeys! 

It is a Months of Mother's Day! Why should we honor our Moms for just one day? We love her don't we?!? Well, Let's show her how much! 

For the ENTIRE month I want to give you a few ideas of how this can be done. We are going to have a wee bit of fun with it though. To make it simple we will use the "Alphabet Method". Using the letters of the Alphabet to inspire us, let's come up with Creative, Kind and Loving ideas to treat our mothers. 

Today, lets make a list of all the things she has ALWAYS wanted. Either things she wants or wants to do. How about things she never even thought she wanted or wanted to do.......

A - Always think of Mom and ALL the things she does for us! Make it a point to  tell her how wonderful she is! 

Make your list, Check back with me everyday to see what we can come up with, Share your ideas and comments about what you are doing to honor Mom this month. 

Have a Lou~Who kind of day!