Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Use Everyday Items To Make AmAZinG Things!

When I say "My Mom is GAGA over these necklaces" I don't mean she likes them. I mean she CAN"T GET ENOUGH OF THEM! 

They are classy, fun, dress up or dress down necklaces. She has asked just about EVERY day for "just a few more". She has given them to the very special students at The Arc of St. Johns (A very Special School check them out here :), anyone with a birthday, she has to have them in ALL colors to wear with each outfit, changed the chains to dress up or down. She honestly CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF THEM! Makes me kind of proud! 

These darlings are available for sale on my BRAND NEW ETSY SHOP!!!! 
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Can you guess what they are? Clothes pin centers! How adorable is that?!?! 

If you would like to see a tutorial you are going to have to ask!
So stinkin' cute and really easy to do! 

And another thing....They ADORE this girl! For Father's Day We took some Chalk we have laying around the house (I think EVERYONE with kids does) and drew love notes on our drive way, threw the kids down on the concrete and used my iphone to capture the fun (just kidding! they laid down willingly!). We framed it with a simple little frame we probably had laying around and it was his "Best gift I ever received in the whole world Father's Day gift". His EXACT words! 
Papa Ron is ONE LUCKY MAN!

I have to get better kids!

Seriously! Sometimes just getting there is the MOST fun! 

Just another example of how everyday items can be used for amazing things! 

I would love for you to share your AmAZinG everyday projects! 

Have a Lou~Who kind of day!

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